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How Counselling Can Help


Counselling is a process whereby a person and a counsellor meet together in a quiet, private environment to discuss difficulties that the person feels are creating a problem in his/her life and/or relationships. The discussion between the person and the counsellor is confidential.

Entering a counselling or psychotherapeutic relationship primarily involves gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of oneself. Because the counsellor is trained to be accepting and totally non-judgmental, the person can feel free to fully express hidden feelings, ideas, and emotions in a counselling situation that he/she may never be able to express to friends or family. Allowing such feelings and emotions to come to the surface can sometimes be upsetting for people. The counsellor tries to create a climate that enables and supports the person in expressing their feelings in safety, and to come to accept that they are part of himself/herself. The counsellor also tries to help the person to explore whatever lies behind these feelings and emotions. In this way people can often get to the root of their problems and begin to discover possible options for themselves.

Counselling does not involve giving advice or prescribing solutions to problems but instead looking at the possible options and choices that the individual has identified for themselves. This process can enable a person to gain new perspective on their problems, discover inner resources, and build the strength to make meaningful choices and live a more satisfying life.

Counselling can help you if you:

  • feel depressed, sad, downhearted, hopeless (and don't understand why)
  • have no purpose or direction in your life
  • are going through a personal or professional transition
  • are feeling stressed due to work, school, family or financial problems
  • have lost someone close to you and feel that you cannot cope
  • are experiencing communication problems with another family member
  • are in the process of ending a relationship or separating
  • are spending more time than you want drinking or gambling
  • or someone close to you is affected by substance abuse

These are just some of the issues that people have when coming for counselling , but you may also have other issues of your own.